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I believe that no one can provide a greater service to this country than those that serve in our armed forces. Serving  in the U.S. Navy has given me a greater level of understanding of the needs of and the issues facing our veterans. North Carolina’s military communities need a voice in Washington, and I believe that in order to maintain the security of this great nation, we must never compromise on providing our troops the support they need. I understand North Carolina’s proud tradition of service, and will be a strong advocate for North Carolina’s military bases.

I also understand that military support goes far beyond the battlefield, and that it’s our duty to provide support for our military families, as well as ongoing support for our troops once they transition back to civilian life. I know we have an even greater obligation to our troops that have been injured in the line of duty and I am committed to addressing the shortfalls within the current VA system. I am unconditionally committed to providing our veterans with the respect, honor, and dignity that they so richly deserve, by working closely with our VA hospitals and clinics to increase levels of customer service to our veterans and their families to ensure that they get the same if not a greater level of service in our VA hospitals and clinics as they do in civilian hospitals. Those that have served our country deserve that and more.